Wedding Photography

Capturing someone's wedding day is so much more then taking a few photos, It's about capturing a moment, capturing what someone is thinking or feeling. 

We often hear people tell us that they will watch videos on our website and get all teary over someone else's wedding. I think if you capture a moment of a complete stranger and it speaks to you then you have truely captured something special.

Our wedding photographers are accredited AIPP accredited photographers which have loads of experience with weddings and will deliver quality images for you to treasure.

So Please give one of our accredited Fairy Tale Weddings a call so we can see you with a non obligation meeting to discuss your special day.

Wedding Planning

We feel lucky that most of our clients are our dream clients. They are incredibly open and trusting, collaborative, they have great style, and are full of love. They find joy and excitement in the process and feel comfortable and present on their wedding day, able to soak in and experience every moment.

Full service wedding planning, destination planning. We put an immense amount of careful thought into all aspects of the design of each event–even the smallest detail is an intentional, curated part of the story we are telling.

Thoughtful. Whether we are working in an untamed, open field of wild grasses, a stately manor steeped in rich history or a family home full of sweet childhood memories, we never want to overproduce or compete with the beauty of the space. Our approach is to create refined, timeless design while infusing personal touches that are unique to our clients.

While we like to preserve the privacy of our clients that ask for it, we did design wedding photographers, wedding in Gold Coast and Brisbane. It is always such an honor when somebody in the wedding industry whose work we love and respect asks us to be a part of their special day.

Party & Events Planning

Fairy Tale Weddings specialize in coordinating family- friendly fantastic parties! Imagine seeing faces full of smiles, hearing joyful laughter all around. In addition to entertainment, allow our event planning services to deliver an amazing atmosphere of classic yet creative party decor, filled with amazing aromas and tasty culinary family entertainment, birthday parties, corporate and charity functions.

We provide clients with Fairy Tale Weddings fun, picnics, family reunions, We perform for school shows, mall shows, corporate parties, grand openings, museums, street fairs, block parties, and more.

Fairy Tale Weddings are energetic,Fantastic face painting, body painting, creative crafts for kids, adorable puppet shows, mesmerizing bubble shows body painting, drum circles for parties, story telling, magicians, clowns, princesses and much more. 

From the casual backyard BBQ to an elegant black tie event, Fairy Tale Weddings has the equipment to meet all needs and budgets. Our rental equipment includes: elegant dinnerware patterns, specialty linens, Reidel crystal and everyday stemware, dance floors, catering equipment, market umbrellas, canopies, tents and much, much more! 

Please visit our beautiful showroom to discuss how our staff can bring style and elegance to your next event!

Wedding dress, Floats & Yachts rental

We have a friendly relationship with a number of related business providers, and we will help customers choose and rent dresses, cars, yachts and even private airplanes.

Professional make-up

Our Professional Makeup Artist available for Weddings, Events, Stage, Lessons, Photo shoots or any other Special occasion.

Our Makeup Artist servicing Gold Coast ,Brisbane and every corner in Australia if necessary。

Our makeup artist team fast becoming one of Gold Coast’s sought after Makeup Artists. Understanding the importance of Beautiful Makeup, we will always provide a premium, professional Service. Taking pride in being detail orientated, dedicated and distinctively creative.

With an attention to detail, distinctive creativity, experience in the industry and the knowledge and passion for Beauty and Cosmetics, whether it be your Wedding, Photo shoot, Formal or next Special Occasion, we will enhance and draw out the best version of your natural complexion and features

Our makeup team involvement with Fashion Fair Cosmetics will further bolster the company’s aim to provide foundation and powder shades that would work great with any woman regardless of skin color. It recognizes the fact that there is a variety and diverse range of tones in the different ethnic communities. With our extensive experience working with Multicultural supermodels, singers and actresses, we will certainly be able to create for Fashion Fair Cosmetics the right products for the everyday people.

Professional Hair Styling

We are provide  ♡ Curls  (45mins)♡ Straighten (45mins) ♡ Upstyles (1hr) ♡ Blowdrys (30mins) 

Every woman wants exceptional hair, but the solution is not the same for everyone. Hair type, scalp concerns, internal and external factors are some of the variables that can affect the health of the hair. It requires personal attention and expertise to resolve all of these factors into one very individual, yet perfect, head of hair. Fairy Tale Weddings Profational Hair Style team creates innovative products and bespoke rituals for flawless results.

With a fresh update on the classic Fairy Tale weddings professional Hair Style Service, a new sense of proonalised style and sustainable luxury comes to life. The modern silhouette takes on elegant, harmonious curves. Jewel-like caps feature gold tops to enhance the sensuality of indulgent hair rituals, each signified by its own special style.

For all unruly hair looking for smoothing, Fairy Tale weddings profational hairtyle team creates the 1st smooth-in-motion service to perfectly discipline without rigidity.Its unique properties perfectly tame the hair surface while providing an extreme fibre elasticity. Wheter you want bouncy, sensual, voluptuous or relaxed curls, find the expert solution perfectly suited to your curly hair.

For all unruly hair looking for smoothness, Fairy Tale Weddings defines a new paradigm of hair expertise: smooth-in-motion. At Fairy Tale, your hair style will become a piece of Art, it is manageable, supple, shiny with incredible movement.

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